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Debian 9 Mail Server, Part I: Postfix and Dovecot - Stéphane Caron

Sección: Administración de sistemas

Creado: 15-04-19 (Actualizado: 14-05-19)

In this post, we will configure personal email hosting on a Debian Gnu/Linux 9 (stretch) server. The server will be able to: send and receive emails (SMTP with Postfix) read emails from clients (IMAP with Dovecot) secure connections (SSL/TLS) authenticate users using system usernames and passwords (PAM) We assume that you already have your domain name, say example.com, and that the MX records of your DNS configuration point to your server. You can check this quickly using dig: dig +short MX example.com Generating SSL certificates The best solution to generate SSL certificates nowadays is to use Let's Encrypt. Install it by: sudo apt-get install certbot python-certbot-nginx Request a certificate for your mail server by: certbot certonly --standalone -d mail.mydomain.com Replacing mail.mydomain.com with the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your server ...


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